There Are Clear Rules For The Label Of Food Flavors.

- Jan 10, 2019 -

General requirements for labeling of food flavors are implemented. This standard specifies the contents of labels on edible flavor products, including product name, list of ingredients, net content, production date, shelf life, manufacturer's name and address, product standard number, license number, and "food additive" and "not edible directly".

In cold drinks, cakes and other foods, food flavors are widely used. However, for a long time, our country lacks special regulations or standards, and has clearly stipulated the label labels of edible flavor products. There are always blank labels and random labels on food flavor labels. The introduction of the general requirements for the label of food flavors will end the phenomenon of confusion in the labeling and identification of flavoring products and the absence of laws and regulations in the whole country. It will provide legal guarantee for the food labels and the healthy development of imported flavor products, and provide a legal basis for the supervision and management of the law enforcement departments.

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